Hello JV partner, my name is Chris Andersen (better know as “Sixty” in the dating community) and I’m the creator of The Automatic Seduction System on Clickbank. I’ve been successfully marketing to the men’s dating niche for the last 7 years and what I’ve learned is going to make you a lot of money today. Here are 5 more great reasons to get started promoting Automatic Seduction right now

Reason #1:  CASH! Get Paid For The Next 10 Months

Since we launched we’ve our made affiliates very happy. With an average sale climbing upwards of $175 this product has one of the highest earners in the dating niche. Plus, we just added 50% commissions on the Rebills of our popular continuity program which means you will also be getting paid for the next 10 months. Plus  –

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  • Make an avergae of $175 Per SaleScreen shot 2014-04-26 at 2.50.42 PM
  • We always pay out the Highest Commissions 75%
  • Plus, earn an Additional 50% on ALL 3 of my popular upsells that convert like crazy
  • Get paid for the next 10 months with 50% commissions on the Rebills from our addicting continuity program. (customers are sticking because I’ve packed the members area with killer new content)
  • Make even more money off our entire catalog of dating products on the back end (this really adds up for you)



I’ve tapped one of the best copywriters in the dating niche to guarantee this offer converts like crazy. Our brand new Video Sales Letter is absolutely crushing it with over $1.25 EPC and we are constantly tweaking the marketing to make it even better for you.Plus, all of my content packed mail swipes have been “laser targeted” to get your guys primed to buy. We won’t rest until we make this your most profitable offer.

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Reason #3:  QUALITY CONTENT (Award Winning Product)

Look, we both know you’re looking for products that convert and make you money. But what if you could also be a “hero” to your customers by recommending a dating solution that really works. Automatic Seduction is a top quality product that’s been called “the best book in the dating community”. It covers all areas of seduction from approaching women, creating attraction, closing the deal and maintaining a healthy relationship. Automatic Seduction also has hundreds of great reviews, editors choice awards and a super low return rate.

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When you promote something that actually helps your customers dating lives they will be LOYAL forever and buy everything you recommend in the future. Bottom line – you can feel 100% confident promoting this product to your loyal subscribers. (Plus the buzz surrounding this system is huge, making it an easy sell) You can basically sit back and watch as the money rolls in each month


Sign up is simple with Clickbank. It’s free and in less than 3 minutes you can be on your way to making great money. All funds are deposited directly into your account and you can track all the sales on your end. It’s that easy to start making money. Heck even newbies can start making around $200 a day with this

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Reason #5: Long Lasting Partnership

I take making you money very seriously… and that’s why I’m always available to help you make more of it. Whether that be providing unique content for your subscribers or doing an exclusive interview – I will go above and beyond to make this a success for you. Whether you’re a “super affiliate” that uses $100 bills to light your cigars or your just looking to make your first sale – I consider each affiliate a full partner and will treat you like family

As such, if you have your own offer/product I would love to hear all about it and return the favor by mailing for you if we think it’s a fit. Let’s talk right now over Skype and find out how we can help each other.

Got a question, want to brainstorm about marketing or just get some ideas….I’m here….

 SKYPE: my username is stoffbyrd  (add me right now)

 CELL:  (347) 948-6844  (give me a quick call today and we’ll talk shop)

   EMAIL:  chris[at] or just use this fast contact form

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 Okay, here’s how you can make a few thousand dollars in the next few minutes.

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Thanks for checking out the offer and either way it’s always fun to meet new people in the niche, hear about what you’re doing and see if there is any way I can help you. Please sign up now by using the contact form below.

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