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This video reveals the most powerful seduction weapon the world has ever seen. It’s called… *The Magic Force* This sneaky technique was accidentally discovered while interviewing models about why they will F#@K one guy, but REJECT another. At first our test subjects told us they wanted a “nice guy” or a someone who could make her laugh. However, when we dug deeper we found that every time a beautiful woman actually slept with a guy there was always one thing in common. She always mentioned feeling …. *Sexual Tension*

Surprisingly, these same women also confessed they will immediately reject a guy if he says or does something to break that feeling of tension. In fact, most girls number one complaint is that she’ll get all excited to sleep with a guy and then he goes and ruins the moment by making a lame joke or talking too much. And by then it’s too late, she’s tuned off forever.

Now the good news is, this study proves that once you learn how to harness the power of sexual tension, even us average looking guys can get model type women into bed in just minutes. We named this weapon “the magic force” because she won’t ever know you’re using it (which means no more rejection) But more importantly it reminds us that creating sexual tension is the KEY that unlocks the legs of any woman you want. And the best part is, this magical force works even if you’re old, shy or never had much success with women in the past.

However, you have to watch the entire presentation to find out how to use it. And I promise you have never seen anything like this before. WARNING: Do not skip the part in the video where I demonstrate this trick live on one of our unsuspecting lingerie models. Her reaction will shock you. Remember, this presentation will not be up for much longer. So discover the weird secret behind the *magic force* now