The ONLY Reason You Aren't Getting Laid (...And How To Fix it Right Now)


Let's cut the crap...

If THIS doesn't get you laid...

Then you should just donate your DICK to someone who can actually use it...

That's what I said to myself the day I first stumbled upon the “The Seduction Community”

I remember saying... I think I've just discovered the “Holy Grail” for seducing women... (just like thousands of other guys)

I was so freaking excited... mostly because I thought that all of my problems with women were finally solved.

I started dreaming of a lifetime of "non-stop" sex with beautiful women...

I even believed that this stuff could get my ex-girlfriend back - or just make her sorry she ever left me in the first place

So of course I joined various online forums and spent most of my free time purchasing products and studying pickup materials


But After Months of Hard Work...

...I’m a little ashamed to admit I was still struggling to achieve the level of success that I truly desired

Actually, that's being kind, because the truth is I didn't even hook up with one girl.

I started to think maybe I was just too short, or too old, or maybe I just wasn't good looking and rich enough to ever get a date with a beautiful woman.

I began to feel angry and started blaming everyone else for my lack of success.

I believed there was no way a guy like me could ever have be successful with women

It turns out I was totally wrong --

And when I look back now I feel like an idiot for not seeing that the "simple solution" to all of my problems with women was right in front of my face the whole time

You see, if you've been learning how to "pickup girls"... and not having the level of success you'd hoped for...


It's Not Your Fault...

In fact, you've actually been lied to by the gurus about what really works with women.

Because as it turns out, there's a "closely guarded secret" that all men who are truly great with women don't want you to know...

And once you learn this simple TRUTH...

you will FINALLY be able to seduce any girl you desire.

In fact, every single guy you see with a beautiful woman on his arm is using this secret...

And believe me, the last thing they ever want is for someone like me to reveal how they do it


Hello Friend...My Name is Chris Andersen,


 Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 3.17.37 PM...And although I’ve already helped thousands of guys around the world start dating the women of their dreams… 

I bet you’re still wondering what all of this has to do with your situation...

Well, the truth is, I know exactly why you are still struggling with women… and believe me, it has nothing to do with your looks, weight, age, or bank account...

The truth these so called "gurus" don't want you to know is that...


92% of Women Already Want to Sleep With You

Hold up...wait a second...

How is it possible that 9 out of 10 beautiful women you saw today already want to BANG you?

Well that's because whenever a man and a woman interact…..there is TENSION

And by definition... tension between a man and woman... is SEXUAL

It happens AUTOMATICALLY … and this is actually a good thing…


Because women can’t tell the difference between feeling TENSION and being ATTRACTED to you

In other words...


Tension and Attraction Produce the Exact Same Emotions...

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.15.39 AMHer heart starts racing...

She feels “butterflies” in her stomach

She may even start to feel nervous (blushing like a school girl with a crush)…

And if you never do anything to ruin this sexual VIBE...then she will want to sleep with you (even if you’re NOT her type)

Now let me be clear - I'm not talking about the "pickup artist" definition of tension ...

Where these guys think that "teasing a girl" or "pretending to act disinterested" is somehow going to create some "magical" feeling of attraction inside her


I'm talking about REAL tension...

Like that “electric feeling” you get when you’re talking to a girl and all of a sudden there’s dead silence…

Or the “arousal” you feel when you accidentally get too close to a woman and your bodies touch for a brief moment…

That feeling that makes you think…

I’m a man, she’s a woman… and us having sex right now is totally natural


Come on...

I’m sure you’ve noticed that sexual tension is always “bubbling” just beneath the surface of even your most “polite” conversations with women…

It all happens automatically…. and if it were acceptable, I truly believe people everywhere would be having "care-free sex" with multiple partners all the time.

Tension is also the reason you can walk down any street and see a stunningly beautiful woman on the arm of a “totally average guy"

In fact, sexual tension is such a POWERFUL FORCE… that it often leads to complete strangers having SEX in less than 5 minutes… (as my students and I will happily confirm)


So What Does All This Mean For You?

Well, the good news is... this means that just by showing up at any public place (without doing anything...)

There will already be sexual tension between you and most of the women there

It is "natural"... and it happens "automatically"

It also means that there is really nothing "special" you need to say or do to have sex with these women...

Look the truth is, you DON'T need to say or do "special" things to CREATE attraction (remember, these women are already attracted to you)

You just need to STOP doing the "little things" that DESTROY the "sexual tension" you already have


Mistakes That Kill Your Chances, Like...

  • Talking too much (instead of listening)
  • Laughing nervously during awkward silences
  • Breaking off eye-contact too fast
  • Bailing her out of tense moments (instead of letting them linger)
  • Making the "I'm so happy just to be talking to you" face
  • Trying too hard (instead of making her feel like she has to impress you)


I Call this New Breakthrough.... "Automatic Seduction"

Every single "pickup product" I tried claimed I had to do all of this weird stuff to make women like me (and most of it never worked)

But I finally realized there is NOTHING you have to do

And there is NOTHING you have to say

Look, I think if you were honest, you'd admit that for most of you life you've been acting in a way that reduces tension (even if you're not aware of it)

You have always tried to make everybody else around you feel more comfortable - often at your own expense...

You do this with your friends, your co-workers and especially with the women you like...

When things get tense or awkward... you're the big clown making everyone laugh and feel comfortable.

Even when girls reject you, you are more worried about their comfort level than your own.

And you do all of this so she will think that you're a good guy... a nice person ....


Unfortunately This Never Works....

...Because doing things to diffuse these moments of sexual tension...makes her think that you are uncomfortable with SEX

(It also makes women think you'll suck in bed, but that's a story for another day)

And because a woman can never be attracted to a man who can handle less tension than she can…the moment this thought enters her mind, her natural female instincts literally FORCE her to REJECT YOU

At this point, it’s out of her control – nature has rejected you

In fact, most women decide if they will sleep with you or NOT... based on what you do during these 3 little moments of tension...


  • When there’s a pause in the conversation have you ever started “talking really fast” because you were scared that if you weren't entertaining her she would leave?
  • When you lock eyes with a beautiful woman have you ever looked away as if you “got caught doing something wrong?
  • When the subject turns to SEX do you sometimes crack a joke hoping to “score points for being funny” instead of staying silent, holding seductive eye-contact and letting the sexual tension explode?


If so, you blew it with a hot girl who was dying to sleep with you!

So Chris, What's The Good News?

Well the good news is, if you can learn to maintain just a little bit of sexual tension, then you'll already be more attractive than 99% of the guys that talk to her...

And because 9 out of 10 women are already biologically programmed to want to sleep with you, getting laid tonight is going to be a lot easier than you think….

This Is How It Works…

  • 1

    When you meet a woman you feel attracted to… You amplify that “spark” with SEXUAL TENSION

  • 2

    Get her to silently agree to it (I’ll show you how in just a second)

  • 3

    And then quietly take her by the hand to where you can be alone


Sound Too Easy?

Well, most likely you’ve been lied to about what really creates sexual tension.

Think about the idea of SOCIAL TENSION for a second

How do people break a tense moment?

By talking…laughing… joking… or changing the subject

Now if the tension is “bad” (like say…an awkward moment at work)...

then talking or laughing is a pretty good idea if you want to get rid of it

But what if the tension is “good”?


What if it's Sexual Tension?

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.00.38 PM…Where a woman starts to imagine what it would be like to rip off your shirt, undo your belt and stick her hand inside your pants…

Ever get that feeling when you’re gazing into a woman’s eyes…and she licks her lips…

and you start imagining what it would be like to kiss her…

It’s so HOT, that you start feeling a bit HORNY…and she’s getting turned on as well…

Because if she doesn’t either make out with you or leave…she’s not going to be able to control what happens next…

And if a friend’s not there to drag her away, well, she’s going to end up in your bed tonight


Unless You Make This Deadly Mistake

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.39.48 PMNow... what do most “pickup gurus” tell you to do when you get a girl to this point?

They say... “Tell a story… tell a joke… get her laughing… tease her…"

"Be cocky-funny bro...”


Um. Really?

That’s like taking her raging FIRE of attraction…

And DUMPING A COLD BUCKET OF WATER on it to extinguish the flames!

Notice how comfortable she looks after you "break the tension" with a joke


Yep! She's Laughing and Having Fun...

And now she’s also miles away from having sex with you

You were actually closer to having sex with her when you first met and made seductive eye-contact…

Let me tell you straight up…

Any girl you’ve gotten a “sexy look” from in conversation, where you were getting turned on…

and she looked like she was getting turned on…


You Could Have Banged Her...

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.04.24 PMBut instead…

you tried to think of something clever to say, or you came up with a lame joke…

or you changed the subject…

Yep, you RELEASED all of that “sexual tension” ...and her attraction for you disappeared…

And This Is The REAL Reason Why You Haven't Been Getting Laid

But don’t worry, those days are officially over…

I'm about to reveal my most guarded secret for using "sexual tension" letting you seduce any woman you want...

Here's a Hint: everything the gurus have taught you to say and do has actually been preventing you from using this natural sexual tension to get laid

You will never “blow it” with a girl who really wanted to sleep with you again

Because from now on you will be using the worlds most powerful seduction weapon...


Introducing...Automatic Seduction

Now, when I first started teaching Automatic Seduction to a few students here in New York, their results were “totally off the charts”

And as the rumors of my students success started to spread, more and more guys wanted to know my method.

Which eventually led to my inbox being flooded with hundreds of questions.

Questions like…


  • Chris, what do I actually say to her?
  • How do I kiss her and get her into bed without killing all the tension?
  • Does this work in a group of people or do we need to be alone?
  • What if I try to build “sexual tension” and she rejects me?
  • Can I use this on a “special girl” that I really like?


Now, obviously I can’t come to your town and follow you around pointing out (and then fixing) all the ways you are KILLING the sexual tension with the girls you like.

I mean I could, but it would run you at least $10,000 for the personal instruction

So I came up with a much easier way….

A way to point out all the BIG… and the small mistakes you’re making (most of them are so subtle you could never figure them out on your own)

And then teach you how to easily correct them in minutes...

Automatic Seduction is a simple "3-step system" any man can use, because it leverages the natural process that have caused men and women to mate for thousands of years…

We named it "Automatic Seduction" because when you maintain “sexual tension” it attracts beautiful women into your life automatically -- with ZERO EFFORT

Meaning you’ll never again need to “approach random women” or “attract them” -- because from now on women will be trying to seduce you

In fact, Automatic Seduction is so easy, that any man (no matter how he looks), can use this simple system to get laid regularly starting tonight...


"Hands down the simplest and most effective way to get laid. Nothing comes close."

Dan San Diego

The Automatic Seduction System

Book #1  Opening Made Easy

Opening-made-easy-33This is THE manual that helps you locate the women who want to sleep with you. I will show you exactly how to find the woman most likely to go home with you tonight (the ones you think are insanely hot). This trick works in any public place… be it a bar, a party, a college campus… the mall… whether you know the women there or not. It’s like having a metal-detector for finding the women who want to sleep with you.

Book #2  Fearless Escalation

fearless-escalation-noshadow1This is where I show you how to make the interaction feel sexual.  You know it, she knows it, but she can’t call you on it.  You’re not doing anything.  Anyone watching can tell there’s "sexual tension" but they can’t place why. You do this with seductive eye contact (pg 18)… standing the exact distance apart, (Page 25) and keeping the right facial expression no matter what she says (Page 31) I give you everything to get her from the first glance all the way to her bedroom

Book #3  Fast Arousal

book1greyHave you ever had a girl on your bed with some clothes off (or at least kissing)… but nothing happened? Have you ever had a girl you could make out with but for some reason never went beyond that? Have you ever had a woman flake when you were sure it was in the bag? I had the same thing happen again and again until I discovered what’s in this 3rd module… Fast Arousal. I'll teach you how to walk up to any woman with nothing planned in your head, and pull her to your bedroom with astonishing speed.

Book #4   Relationship Roulette

relationship-roulette---FINAL-11This training is for men who want to sleep with a woman more than once. Once you’ve mastered getting quick sex with women, you’re going to want to keep at least some of them around. You may even want a girlfriend (which is fine). With Relationship Roulette, finding a girl who wants to sleep with you is easy… and finding seven girls who want to regularly be with you becomes very doable with a little practice. I'll teach you why "sexual tension" is the cornerstone of any great relationship, and how you can use it to keep even the most desirable women focused on only YOU


Here's just a sample of the powerful techniques we reveal in this exclusive training course

  • How to attract any woman AND put her in a very sexual mood with just one handshake. (Extremely powerful, and surprisingly easy once you know the secret.)
  • Why running around opening “sets” is killing your chances to get women into bed – and what to do instead so women approach you ...Page 35
  • The shocking truth about using touch to attract women: why it won’t work and what to do instead
  • My easy color-coded method to finding out which women in the bar are most eager to sleep with you right away. (This is the same secret the "gurus" use to sleep with girls in under 5 minutes) ...Page 47
  • Newsflash: if you always run out of things to say or worry about what to say next, you can use this technique and she’ll feel attracted, even if you are totally shy… Page 19
  • How to make woman see you as the 1% of guys it’s “ok” to sleep with on the first night (this one simple line works every time I use it)
  • How to make a woman beg you to be her “go-to” guy for sexual release… even if she knows full well you have no desire to date her.
  • What to do if you want to make this woman a real committed relationship. (switching to girlfriend-mode is easy once you have the seduction out of the way) Page 22
  • How to use your "Poker Face" to accelerate the seduction process, so that you start getting women into bed, sometimes within minutes, instead of hours, days or weeks.
  • A 100% accurate test to tell if she’s sexually interested in you, or if she is wasting your time. My secret "Hand Test" hasn’t failed me yet. Pages 37
  • One small trick that women calling you, “cute”, “sexy” or even “gorgeous”. (works even if you’re ugly)
  • How to sexualize a conversation without saying a word. (Hint: It’s a listening technique, and the more you do it, the more aroused she becomes, while you sit back and do nothing but smile)
  • And much, much more!

"Chris, You've Finally Cracked The Code!"

Hey, Chris. I purchased your Automatic Seduction System a few weeks ago. Last weekend I finally went out again and did 4 approaches. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I made out with 2 girls and banged one of them in the bathroom at the club. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that! Totally due to your method! ”

Andrew UK

This past weekend I went home with a 22-year old girl. And this weekend I was opened by six very hot women, one of which was trying to get me drunk so that we could go home together. I gotta say, thank you! Best system out there for those thinking whether to buy or not.”

Rex Maryland

Why Is Automatic Seduction Ranked The #1 Seduction Method in The World?

  • No More Rejection

    Look, we all hate rejection. However, when you use Automatic Seduction it’s impossible to get rejected. That’s because all of the techniques we use are invisible to women. You either get the girl you want into bed or you walk away with a chance to seduce her another day. (Hint: It’s a technique called Invisible Attraction) And I can guarantee that you will never hear the words “let’s just be friends” ever again

  • It Works For Every Guy

    The best part is you don’t have to be good looking, tall, or rich for this to work. In fact, even if you’re not very social, you barely have to talk. Just sit back and let Automatic Seduction seduce the women for you. Even guys who’ve already tried everything else and failed are getting amazing results with beautiful women they thought were out of their league. And we like that!

  • You Will Get Results Fast

    This is a 100% natural method with no pickup lines or routines to memorize. So you don’t have to study for days or be some genius to use it. It literally takes 10 minutes to learn. Plus, Automatic Seduction works extremely fast, allowing you to seduce beautiful women in minutes – instead of days, weeks or even months. There is no faster or easier method available for seducing women on the planet.

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Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 3.17.37 PM


Chris Andersen

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 2.26.11 PM

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Enter Code SPECIAL on the Checkout Page and Instead of Paying $69 You Get The Complete Automatic Seduction System - All 4 Books Plus 3 Exclusive Bonuses for Just $29

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Spots in our training program are extremely limited and going fast. Reserve your spot now

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