Hey Man,

Unfortunately, not many guys know “the secret” to going out and bringing a beautiful women home the same night.

There’s a good reason we call it “Getting Lucky”.

Let’s be honest –

The problem is, you don’t have a game plan and most nights you just end up winging it.

(how’ s that been working out for you?)

But the truth is, getting women has nothing to do with LUCK.

It’s a science.

And fortunately, learning the “science of seduction” is easy once you stop making this one BIG mistake. (I’ll show you how in a second)

The good news is, last year my team and I spent hundreds of hours going out and doing “research” at the most popular bars and clubs in New York City.

And what we learned was shocking!

In fact, everything we thought worked with women… didn’t. (money, looks, status)

It was something else.

Something MUCH more powerful.

(and it’s something you already have – you just need to learn how to use it correctly)

Once I figured out what women really want I immediately had an unfair advantage over every other guy at the bar.

Getting women became so easy I felt like I was cheating.

And now you too can “cheat the system”

I just put together a simple 3 step formula for success called “The Secret Of Sexual Communication”

This simple system makes attracting and seducing beautiful women so easy – I consistently take girls home in less than 30 minutes.

And this formula has never been revealed until today.


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In This Book I Finally Peel Back The Curtain And Reveal….

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  • The secret to creating so much sexual tension that women literally try to to seduce YOU
  • A fail proof way to seduce a woman right from the first handshake. (This trick will amaze your friends and make you look like a GOD to the other women watching)
  • The exact 3 words I use to get women to leave with me after only 15 minutes of conversation. (start saying these words tonight)
  • A simple “cheat code” that guarantees you always get the girl and leaves your competition shaking their heads in disbelief.
  • The one sexual trigger  that turns women from ice cold to horny in seconds (I still use this on my girlfriend and she has no clue)
  • The one innocent mistake you are making that is killing your chances to get laid (bar owners do not want you to hear this)
  • A simple change to the way you hold eye-contact that will have beautiful women calling you “HOT” (I couldn’t believe it when this trick actually worked)
  • Plus never revealed before secrets including… the one word beautiful women need to hear to trust you enough to leave the bar with you (if you’ve ever blown a sure thing at the last second this is the reason)




[testimonial1 author=”Bobby R.  Hoboken, NJ”]“All that other pickup stuff made me feel unnatural and weird at bars and clubs. Sexual Communication is simple… and it gets me laid…”[/testimonial1]



Special Reward: You Get All Of My Best Tricks!

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[order_box_2 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]WARNING: Don’t let the $9 price fool you. This book sells for 5x as much on my website and I will be raising it again very soon. First, I wanted to give you a special reward for making the commitment to learn my system. And more importantly I know you really need this information. Getting women into bed fast has nothing to do with luck – it’s a science. And now you can learn it in 3 easy steps. You no longer need to struggle when you use The Secrets Of Sexual Communication[/order_box_2] 

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P.S. – This has been my most popular book for a reason. Guys really love hearing me break down this system. Look, you know going out trying to “get lucky” doesn’t work. You need a game plan. You need a guaranteed system for success. And the good news is, I’ve already done the hard work for you. All you have to do is sit back and learn.  (Sexual Communication is also 100% fully guaranteed to work so there is NO RISK)