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Hey Guys,

My name is Chris Andersen and I write under the pen name 60 Years of Challenge. I’ve spent the last 10 years testing and researching the best ways to get women into bed with the least amount of effort. The good news is, I’ve recently put everything I’ve learned into a simple system that any guy can master in just a few days. It’s called 60’s Sexual Tension Method


What Is “The Sexual Tension” Method

Most pickup methods are very complicated and focus too much on “social” skills. Other styles are way too aggressive and make you look come off as a creep. But 60’s Sexual Tension Method is just the right balance of being social, seductive and sexual. And if you want to be good with women and get a quality girlfriend, balancing these 3 characters is the key.

Sexual Tension is all Around Us

The truth these so called “gurus” don’t want you to know is – there’s a natural chemistry between men and women known as “sexual tension”. This tension helps women feel “connected” and “attracted” to you without having to do or say much. The problem is, all the things the seduction community teaches you to do (talk, touch, try and entertain her) reduces this natural tension and turns you into her friend, a buddy and “the funny guy”. In other words, not the guy she wants to take home and do dirty thing to.


Creating Sexual Tension is Easy

I’m going to show you how creating attraction can be as simple as a handshake. I’m also going to teach you how to really listen to a woman. Listening is the core of my method and it sets the stage for everything else. It may sound simple, but most guys have no idea how to listen to a woman and create attraction. In fact, most guys who listen end up as “the friend” – but after you learn my simple method you will be able to approach a woman, say very little, and still get her into bed fast.

I will also show you how to handle her tests, other guys, groups, isolation and all the other little odds and ends that make up a good seduction. But this stuff is really just the icing on the cake. Creating and maintaining sexual tension is the core of this system.

Here’s How “The Magic” Works

Today I’m finally going to reveal ONE very powerful mindset that will change your life with women forever. It takes 3 minutes to learn, but it’s extremely powerful. (promise to be careful with this)

This is the same mindset that’s allowed me to date some of the worlds hottest women. And if I can do it, you can too (just look at my picture). As soon as you learn the “Magic Mindset” you will automatically send out the “Secret Signal” that make beautiful women want to seduce you.

You simply THINK IT and the beautiful women come to you. It doesn’t get any either than this.

  • Step 1: Simply Learn The “Magic Mindset” (takes 3 minutes)
  • Step 2: Automatically Send Out The Right Signal
  • Step 3: Women Seduce You (No More Rejection)


Today you’re going to learn “The Magic Mindset” and “The Secret Signal” so the women in your life will start seducing you. Take a Sneak Peak at the 4 Books in the System. (I’ll even let you download these 4 Books instantly)

  • Book 1: Opening Made Easy
  • Book 2: Fearless Escalation
  • Book 3: Fast Sexual Arousal
  • Book 4: Relationship Roulette

Rejection is Your Problem…”Magic Mindset” Is The Only Solution

Rejection causes you pain.

And not just emotional pain, but physical pain as well. After struggling with this problem for years – I knew I had to find an easier way to meet women. The Magic Mindset was specifically designed for guys like you who want to date and sleep with beautiful women but don’t want to endure the pain of rejection.

It doesn’t matter what type of game you use – direct, indirect, whatever. I’m not here to tell you which guru to follow. What I do know for sure is, if you don’t learn the secret of the “Magic Mindset” you will continue to struggle with women and feel lonely. Every single player and guy who is good with women knows the Magic Mindset. (and in just a moment you will too)

Just Imagine, for the first time ever beautiful women will be seducing YOU. And the best part is, when women are working to impress you – all you have to do is sit back and choose the best one. Plus, when women are seducing you, there is no way you can be rejected again! It’s just not possible.


You Will Use “The Magic Mindset” To:


  • Get That “One Special Girl” to Start Seducing You (this trick works like Magic)
  • Date Gorgeous Looking Younger Women (steal my step by step blueprint)
  • Break Free From the Friend Zone in 3 Easy Steps (this is the 2nd chance you’ve been waiting for)
  • Attract Beautiful Women Without Ever Risking Rejection (it’s like cheating)
  • You Can Even Use This Information To Get Your X-Girlfriend Back (works even if she’s dating someone else)


Just wanted to say that Chris is a genius. I’m 62 years old and I have a Beautiful Girlfriend less than half my age who thinks I’m a warrior. “Magic Mindset” works like a charm. - Rich, London


I finished the book and immediately decided I wanted to put it to the test with my ex-girlfriend (who is now seeing someone else) I only said 10 words and 1 hour later I was in her bed. It was fun because I didn’t have to do anything. Magic Mindset works. - Nick, Toronto


This is the only book you will ever need. It’s the Best Material in the whole seduction community. I use Magic Mindset and I get great results. I highly recommend it. – Tyler, San Diego



“The Complete Game System”

Price $297 Today Just $97





P.S. If you haven’t had the kind of success with women you know you deserve…it’s not your fault. You’ve probably fallen victim to some of the dangerous myths of attraction.

Myth #1: Attracting Women Takes A Lot Of Work

FALSE: This is the absolute easiest pickup system ever created. It only requires you learn 1 mindset. Meaning, you can be downright lazy and still see amazing results starting tonight. My system requires no memorization or pickup lines. In fact, we use a simple trick that makes beautiful women want to seduce us. She does all the work! If you want to finally ditch all the complicated methods and confusing advice this is the only system for you.

Myth #2: Attracting Women Takes A Lot Of Time

FALSE: To attract beautiful women you only need to make one simple change and it takes minutes to correct, not months. You will know the secret to getting any woman to seduce you in just 3 minutes — simply download this book.

Myth #3: To Attract Women There is No Way To Avoid Rejection

Also False: This is the worst myth of all. Fear of rejection is not your fault. The truth is, we are all scared of rejection. The only difference is, some guys have spent their lives avoiding rejection (and not getting any women) and a few smart guys have figured out an easy way to bypass rejection. A simple way to cheat the system and disarm a woman’s rejection trigger. My “Magic Mindset” will make the women you want start seducing you.

Remember, The Magic Mindset has already worked for hundreds of guys just like you. (Someone you know may even be using it) It will change your life in just 3 minutes. You are seconds away from becoming more confident, charismatic, and sexy to women. I promise! It’s also 100% guaranteed so there is absolutely No Risk.


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