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robchrisAll he wanted to do was date this cute girl in his class. But after trying almost every pickup system with no success Chris “Sixty” Andersen was left feeling very frustrated. Despite his struggles, he knew there had to be a faster and easier way to attract women. It also hurt him that people said he wasn’t good looking or tall enough to date an attractive woman. Still, he never gave up.

Then one night he had lost his voice but decided to go downtown to the bars anyway. Unable, to talk he had to rely solely on body language and sub-communication to try and pickup women. And as crazy as it sounds, he ended up taking home the hottest girl in the whole bar. The trick he learned that night was truly shocking and laid the groundwork for what would later become The Automatic Seduction System “Unleashing The Invisible Force” to get beautiful women into bed.

After word of his success started to spread throughout  New York City, Chris agreed to teach The Invisible Force to a small group of students. When all the guys who used this trick started getting laid like crazy, Chris knew what he’d discovered was a complete “game changer” Guys who once sucked with girls and even total virgins were now sleeping with some of the hottest women in the city.

Once people saw average looking men (with no money or muscles) leaving the club with with tens and models, more and more guys wanted “in” on the secret of “THE FORCE”. And they were willing to pay thousands of dollars to get their hands on this secret information. Since he could only reach a limited amount of people with personal coaching, Chris finally agreed to write down his system notes and make it available to a select group of men.

Since that day Automatic Seduction has helped over 100,000 men get hot women into bed, score beautiful girlfriends and even get that one special girl they’ve always wanted. His “Invisible Force” method has won numerous awards, media acclaim and Chris, once just another averaged frustrated guy, is rated one of the top pickup coaches in the world. It’s been quite a journey….

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