Let’s Get Straight to THE GOOD NEWS…

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And you don’t need to be “tall”…”interesting” or “funny”

And you definitely don’t need “good looks”, “muscles” and tons of cash

And what about all those “pickup artist” techniques?


You don’t need those either.

So…why can you be short, old, overweight and broke…and still have 92% of the women at any “social function” begging you to take them home

Because whenever men and women interact…..there is TENSION

And by definition, tension between a man and woman is SEXUAL


What The Hell is…”Tension”?


Tension is that “electric feeling” you get whenever you’re talking to a girl and all of a sudden there’s dead silence…

Or the “arousal” you feel when you accidentally get too close to a woman and your bodies touch for a brief moment…

It’s a feeling that makes you think…

I’m a man, she’s a woman… and us having sex right now is totally natural

Come on, I’m sure you’ve noticed that sexual tension is always “bubbling” just beneath the surface of even your most “polite” conversations with women…

It happens automatically…. and this is actually a really good thing…


Because women can’t tell the difference between feeling TENSION and being ATTRACTED to YOU. Yep! Tension and attraction produce the exact same emotions…

  • her heart starts racing
  • she gets “butterflies”
  • she starts to get nervous and giggle… just as if she was attracted to you (even if you’re NOT her type)

…And It Gets Even Better


Did you know that girls get this exact same feeling of TENSION when talking to YOU?

Yep! When you first meet a woman she feels butterflies, “thinks about sex” and gets HORNY just like us

It’s true…

In fact, all throughout history, society has secretly tried to keep men and women separated for this very reason

Some cultures even forbid men and women from interacting without a chaperone who can break things up if they sense any “sexual chemistry” brewing

And even at bars here in America, a group of women will instantly drag their friend away away if they notice her feeling “tension” for a random guy (we’ve all witnessed this)

In other words, WOMEN have always known what you didn’t until just now

That sexual tension is…


The Worlds “Most Dangerous” Seduction Technique


It makes long-legged models lose control and sleep with guys a foot shorter…

And girls who rejected you in the past, appear on your doorstep at 2am just to “hang out”

It’s the reason you can walk down any street and see stunningly beautiful women on the arms of “totally average guys” …. guys like us

In fact, sexual tension is such a powerful FORCE… that it often leads to complete strangers having SEX in less than 5 minutes… (as my students and I will happily confirm)


Oh, You Want More Good News?


Hey Brother, it’s Chris “Sixty” Andersen…

and although I’ve already helped thousands of guys around the world start dating the women of their dreams…you may be wondering what all of this has to do with your situation

Well, because sexual tension between men and women is just a FACT of human nature… it also means that most women are already “programmed” to be attracted to you…

And here’s the BEST part…

This means that wherever you go (…like the bookstore, your favorite coffee shop, or even any BAR)

…92% of the women there will secretly be thinking about sleeping with you

And if you want to get them into bed tonight, it’s a lot easier than you think….


This Is How It Works…


When you meet a woman you feel attracted to…

  • You amplify that “spark” with SEXUAL TENSION
  • Get her to silently agree to it  (I’ll show you how in just a second)
  • And then quietly take her by the hand to where you can be alone

Sound too easy?

Well, most likely you’ve been lied to about what really creates sexual tension.

Think about the idea of social TENSION for a second

How do people break a tense moment?

By talking…laughing… joking… or changing the subject

Now if the tension is “bad” (like say… an awkward moment at work) then talking or laughing is a pretty good idea if you want to get rid of it.

But what if the tension is “good”?


What if it’s SEXUAL TENSION?


… where a woman starts to imagine what it would be like to rip off your shirt, undo your belt and stick her Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 4.05.41 PMhand inside your pants…

Ever get that feeling when you’re gazing into a woman’s eyes… and she licks her lips… and you start imagining what it would be like to kiss her…

It’s so HOT, that you start feeling a bit HORNY…and she’s getting turned on as well…

Because if she doesn’t either make out with you or leave…she’s not going to be able to control what happens next…

And if a friend’s not there to drag her away, well, she’s going to end up in your bed


…Unless You Make This Deadly Mistake

Screen shot 2012-06-16 at 9.24.29 PM


Now what do most “pickup gurus” tell you to do when you get a girl to this point?

They say “Tell a story… tell a joke… get her laughing… tease her… be cocky-funny bro.”



That’s like taking her raging FIRE of attraction…

And DUMPING A COLD BUCKET OF WATER on it to extinguish the flames.

Notice how comfortable she looks after you break the tension with a joke?

Yep, she’s laughing and having a lot of fun… and now she’s also miles away from having sex with you.

You were actually closer to having sex with her when you first met and made seductive eye-contact…

Let me tell you straight up…

Any girl you’ve gotten a “sexy look” from in conversation, where you were getting turned on… and she looked like she was getting turned on…


You Could Have Banged Her…


But instead… you tried to think of something clever to say, or you came up with a lame joke… or you Screen shot 2016-04-24 at 8.44.14 PMchanged the subject…

Yep, you RELEASED all of that “sexual tension” and her attraction for you disappeared…

And THIS IS WHY You Haven’t Been Getting LAID!

If you were honest with yourself I think you’d agree that tension is a feeling that for most of your life you’ve tried to “hide away” or “diffuse” because it makes you so uncomfortable…

You’re fine being the “funny guy” or the “cocky guy” …but you can get a bit clumsy when you start to feel sexual tension building with a woman

Now, some of the mistakes you’ve been making are subtle (and others more obvious) but the bottom line is, if I observed you talking to any woman…


I could easily point out a dozen ways you were absolutely RUINING the sexual tension and DESTROYING your chances with HER…

You’ll probably recognize some of these common pickup mistakes…

  • When there’s a pause in the conversation do you start “talking faster” because you’re scared that if you aren’t entertaining her she will leave. (Boom! you just ruined your chance to make a sexual connection with her)
  • Ever locked eyes with a beautiful woman and immediately looked away as if you “got caught doing something wrong?” (if so you just blew it with a girl who was dying to sleep with you)
  • When the subject turns to SEX do you crack a joke hoping to “score points for being funny” instead of staying silent, holding seductive eye-contact and letting the sexual tension explode (another common “pickup artist” mistake that gets you rejected)


And I Haven’t Even Told You About The BIG Mistakes


Unfortunately this is the WORST thing you can do because letting women think you’re uncomfortable with “sexual tension” is a huge TURN OFF

In fact, a woman’s brain is actually hard-wired to view guys who can handle tension as  “good looking”… while men who can’t are “beta males”

Worse yet, it’s almost impossible to get sexual with her once you make this mistake……because being uncomfortable with “sexual tension” makes her think…


…This Guy is “Afraid Of  Sex”


And because a woman is never going to be attracted to a man who can handle less tension than she can…the moment this thought enters her mind, her natural female instincts literally FORCE her to REJECT YOU

At that point, it’s out of her control – nature has taken over.

Sure, she’ll give you excuses like “I’m busy this weekend” or “I’m just not ready to date anyone right now” (most likely she’ll just ignore your texts)…but the REAL reason was because you broke the TENSION

It doesn’t seem quite fair, especially if you don’t even realize the things you’ve been doing wrong to DESTROY your chances with women


…Here’s How You Fix This Right Now


But there is some good news…

Remember, anytime people feel TENSION… they always look for a way to release it

(Just like sad people get relief by crying and someone who’s angry can feel better after a workout)

And when you get a girl feeling HORNY… she desperately craves a RELEASE!

However… if you NEVER  “give in” and break the tension, what type of release do you think she’s going to WANT from YOU?

Yep, you guessed it……


Hey, this isn’t exactly rocket science. If you can just get her thinking about sex long enough, she will basically have “NO OTHER CHOICE” but to relieve her tension…..


By Having Sex With YOU


The BIG mistake you’ve been making your whole life is that you’ve been releasing all of that natural tension before she gets to the critical “Point of No Return” (…more on this in a second)

But don’t worry, those days are officially over…

Now, how would you like me to reveal ALL OF THIS… so you can go out tonight and have any woman you want begging you to take her home

Hey, I wouldn’t blame you if you had some doubts. I did too…

A few months ago I couldn’t get a girl to look at me, let alone get her NAKED

But I have a little secret. Well, it’s more like a secret weapon…

And I haven’t told anybody about THIS SECRET until right now…

It’s called….


The “Automatic Seduction” System


“Automatic Seduction” is a simple three-step system any man can use, because it leverages the natural process that have caused men and women to mate for thousands of years…

Most pickup strategies focus on lines or tactics…but when you use “Automatic Seduction” you will attract beautiful women without having to say or do anything… (hey, I told you this was easy)

In fact, Automatic Seduction is so simple, that any man (no matter how he looks), can use these 3 steps to get laid starting tonight

  • Step 1: FIND the beautiful women who are already programmed to want you
  • Step 2: AMPLIFY the sexual tension to the point where you can get her alone
  • Step 3: AROUSE women to the Point of No Return where it’s harder for her NOT to bang you



This is THE manual that helps you locate the women who are already genetically hard-wired to want to sleep with you.

Now, as I’ve said, you have to say VERY LITTLE to get a woman hot and bothered enough to rip your pants off, so I’ve kept the “what to say” portion very lean.

What I’ve given you instead is a process for how to find the woman most likely to go home with you (the ones you think are insanely hot).

This works in any public place… be it a bar, a party, a college campus… the mall… whether you know the people there or not…

It’s like a metal-detector for interested women.

It’s so easy that you could go out and use it tonight (And I’ll show you how very soon)

This method works…

  • Even if you’re totally shy and not in the mood to talk to anybody
  • Even if you’re absolutely terrified of approaching women (Approaching isn’t required, did you know that?)
  • Even if you’re drunk (well, it happens)

Since “opening” or starting conversations is the thing that guys seem to have the most trouble with, I’ve made this process rejection proof


  • 3 techniques to make a woman think it was her idea to come talk to you. (So she’ll remember your first meeting as “I thought he was hot and had to go meet him”)
  • A surprisingly under-used tactic to make a woman ask if she’s met you before (You sort of “hack” her brain to make her see you as very familiar) Page 35
  • How to make your interaction look to the rest of the world like it’s an instant attraction with sparks flying instead of “guy hits on girl”. (This will keep her friends from blocking you)
  • My easy color-coded method to finding out which women in the bar are most eager to sleep with you right away. (This will get you away from those 2-hour time-wasters that just want attention and get you going home with the women who want to leave with you after 5 minutes) Page 47

Because this is so under the radar, you can use this when you’re out with friends, by yourself, or at a networking event…

This is rejection proof because no one can even call you out for being a player or trying to get laid.  You don’t even have to be social, since you can make women come up to you instead.

The next part of mastering “Nature’s Auto-Seduction Mechanism” is

Relentless Escalation, the only manual to get a woman sex-ready in minutes.


If you’ve been told it takes HOURS, or DAYS or even WEEKS to get a woman ready to have sex with you, this is a HUGE LIE you need to rid yourself of right away.

The fact is… it often takes five minutes or less.

All you need to do is:

  • Escalate the vibe with her
  • Make the right physical connection… (Using only your hands)
  • Get her out of there

In Relentless Escalation, I’ll show you what to do once you’ve found the girl that has that spark of sexual interest (that you’ve found using Women Ignition).

No matter how microscopic that spark is, you can turn it into a blazing fire so big that all she can think about is kissing down your stomach and wrapping her hot lips around your manhood.

You do this by

Escalating the Vibe:

This is where I show you how to make the interaction feel sexual.  You know it, she knows it, but she can’t call you on it.  You’re not doing anything.  Anyone watching can tell there’s sexual tension but they can’t place why.

You do this with seductive eye contact (pg 18)… standing the exact distance apart, (Page 25) and keeping the right facial expression no matter what she says (Page 31)

You’ll make the physical connection and with her body language, she admits she wants you… and then you plan your next move.

You have everything here to get her from the first glance to home with you… in which you’ll need…

Simply Start Sex


This module has one mission:


All women know there is a point in the seduction where she is so turned on that she has to have sex with you or she won’t be able to sleep.

If you’ve heard of the term “anti-slut defense,” it’s where a woman throws up resistance to prevent herself from getting to this point.

Let me ask you this…

  • Have you ever had a girl on your bed with some clothes off (or at least kissing)… but nothing happened?
  • Have you ever had a girl you could make out with but for some reason never went beyond that?
  • Have you ever had a woman flake when you were sure it was in the bag?

I had the same thing happen again and again until I discovered what’s in this 3rd module… Simply Start Sex.

You’ll learn

  • How to make woman see you as the 1% of guys it’s “ok” to sleep with on the first night.
  • 3 Ways to get her fondling your body in minutes (This works even if she doesn’t want to cuddle with you and will get her even more turned on so she has to open her legs for you) Page 25
  • The key to getting her so turned on that she knows she can’t go to sleep tonight without feeling you inside her
  • How to be a lover that gets her coming back for sex again and again (There are only 5 keys to this and you’re most likely doing 2 of them already) Page 47

And the last module we have…

Relationship Roulette


This is where some students say, “Hold up, Chris.  What if I don’t want a relationship? I just want to get LAID, brotha!”…That’s fine and I totally feel you.

This module is for men who want to sleep with a woman more than once, so we’re talking about many different types of relationships here.

Yes, once you’ve mastered getting quick sex with women, you’re going to want to keep at least some of them around…You might want a girlfriend (which is fine)

You might want a stable of bang-buddies in a daily rotation (also fine)….By the way… this is a LOT easier than you think.

With Relationship Roulette, combined with the 3 earlier modules… finding a girl who wants to sleep with you is easy… Finding even seven girls who want to regularly bang you becomes very doable with a little practice.

You may not want to go that far but it’s there if you want it

In this module, you’ll master…

  • How to make a woman beg you to be her “go-to” guy for sexual release… even if she knows full well you have no desire to date her.
  • What to do if you want to make this woman a real committed relationship. (switching to girlfriend-mode is easy once you have the seduction out of the way) Page 22
  • Why the so-called “bad boys” perpetually have women all over them and how you can do the same thing without being a jerk. (Hint: It’s NOT confidence and it’s NOT even attitude.)
  • How to keep the power in ANY relationship… casual or committed… so you keep the burning desire on both sides and never fall into fights (or worse, boredom), that so many couples happen with.  Page 37

Is this stuff important if you want a girlfriend?  YES.

Is it important even if you want a bunch of one-night stands?  YES.

Once you know the material in this module, you will extinguish any neediness you have when you go out to meet women… because you’ll know the real deal.


What Will Your Success Story Be?

Now, when I first started teaching Automatic Seduction to a few students here in New York, their results were “totally off the charts”

But what was really surprising wasn’t just the stories of getting laid the first time they tried it, crazy threesomes, and pulling the hottest girls from some of the city’s trendiest clubs.

No. It was the guys who used Automatic Seduction to get that one “special girl” that they liked for a long time. Girls they thought were totally out of their league until now. So, I was very happy to see that THIS system not only worked for getting tons of sex, but for getting cool HOT girlfriends as well.

And as the rumors of my students success started to spread, more and more guys wanted to know my method. Which eventually led to my inbox being flooded with hundreds of questions. Questions like…

  • Chris, what do I actually say to her?
  • Can I use this on a “special girl” that I really like?
  • What if I try to build “sexual tension” and she rejects me?
  • Does this work in a group of people or do we need to be alone?
  • How do I kiss her and get her into bed without killing all the tension?

These are all great questions (and I’m glad they asked) because that’s exactly why I created this system for you….

I’ve already done the hard work of testing this on the hottest women from all over the world…

And saved you from years of rejection, humiliation and struggling to figure this out on your own.

Remember, there’s a very fine line between “Being SEXY” and “Coming off CREEPY”… so it’s absolutely CRUCIAL to learn the “correct way” to use Automatic Seduction (or it could backfire)

And that’s why I’ve created a simple step-by-step system that “any guy”can use to start seeing results in just a few minutes (even if he’s tried all that “other stuff” and failed)


Screen shot 2016-04-13 at 4.21.44 PM

Now, obviously I can’t come to your town and follow you around pointing out (and then fixing) all the ways you are KILLING the sexual tension with the girls you like.

I mean I could, but it would run you at least $10,000 for the personal instruction

So I came up with a much easier way….

A way to point out all the BIG… and the small mistakes you’re making (most of them are so subtle you could never figure them out on your own)

And then teach you how to easily correct them in minutes

And once you do, look out, because you are going to be like our friend Tim

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 3.37.03 PM

“Automatic Seduction teaches you the simplest and most effective way to get women into bed. Its like playing with guns and then all of sudden you learn how to build an Atom Bomb. This book is that good...
Tim from New York

Now, considering all the money you’ve spent learning about women so far, I reckon “this information” might be worth at least $600

I’ll never forget my first copy of Women Ignition (Module 1) that I sold for $150. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous thinking the guy was going to hate it and demand his money back.

However, to my surprise he called me up and said “Chris, this is the best freaking book I’ve ever read in my life” and immediately ordered the other three modules, sending me another $450 via pay pal

So yeah, for the past year I’ve been pretty content charging hundreds of dollars for access to my private system (and my students will tell you it’s worth every penny)

But, I know how important this is to you and the millions of other guys who could use this method to change their situation with women forever.

So, the last thing I want is for you to have to pay full price

And just to make the pot sweeter, I’ll also add some of my newest cutting edge trainings for FREE including The Secrets of Approaching Hot Women (Audio), a 14-day Trial to the Automatic Seduction Masterminds Club and The Master PUA Training Lab

Getting all 4 of these books separately at the regular price of $99 each would cost you ($99 x 4) = $396…(not to mention all the cool Bonuses)

But you’re not going to pay $396

By the way, how much do you think it’s worth to have a story like this

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 3.37.03 PM

“Hey Chris, you’re the man! I met a new girl a few days ago and just got back from spending the night at her place. I’ve adopted your style very nicely and I’m meeting up with another girl later tonight. I can see how using this system can get out of hand fast!
Art, Toronto

Because I want you to send me emails like this, bragging about all the success you’re having…

Your investment for the Full 4 Modules of the Automatic Seduction System today will be just…



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It’s Time To Make YOUR Choice

When it comes to “success with women” you really only have two choices.

The “hard way” and the easy way.

If you choose the “hard way” you can leave here today without getting Automatic Seduction and continue doing what you’ve done in the past …and never make any progress. You can continue to struggle and feel frustrated, wondering why nothing you try ever works, no matter how much money you spend.

Remember, even the best intended “pickup artist” techniques like “teasing girls” or “trying to be funny” still give women a RELEASE from sexual tension…

And THIS is the REAL REASON why you haven’t been successful…

And it’s NOT YOUR FAULT, because:

  • the same tactics they told you would “attract women”…were the very same tactics that were driving them away


And it would actually be kinda funny, if it didn’t cost you 12 HOT GIRLS a year that had already decided to sleep with you (which is really sad)

Or… you choose the easy way and finally discover “the simple secret” to not breaking the sexual tension that you already have

And… start attracting all of the women you want AUTOMATICALLY

The choice is easy. Automatic Seduction is the “simple solution” you’ve been searching for your entire life

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Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 3.37.03 PM

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Andrew from UK


Screen shot 2016-04-13 at 4.21.44 PM

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To Your Success!