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I’ve shown this book to naturals who’ve been getting girls forever and this is the only product from the pickup community that normal, successful men say…Wow! this guy really knows his stuff…”
Dan, California

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  1. Kevin T , NYC

    I bought Automatic Seduction and got laid the first night I used it. I’m a social guy anyway and with the techniques explained in the book, it all just felt so natural to me. The girl I hooked up with was a model, very cliche, I know, but still. I opened her and basically just got up in her face and brought the sexual tension to ridiculous levels. She wasn’t drinking but got shy even though I could tell she was a very confident girl. I swear I only must of said about 6 words in the whole interaction but it was definitely on.

    With my new found powers I left her and bounced around all night from girl to girl and I could see out the corner of my eye that this girl was always watching me. I used the techniques I learned from Automatic Seduction and dirty danced with a girl who was massively my type.

    I took her to the side of the room and if logistics were right I could have had her right there. She was massively into it. The bar finally closed and I must of had like 10 phone numbers. Later on when I bumped into the model again she told me I had quite a name from myself in the bar. The model girl came and opened me while I was on my own for like 2 seconds outside. She started talking about an after party and she ended up dropping me home. The rest as they say, is history. Automatic Seduction works!

  2. adam

    Chris, you’ve given us something that will forever change the face of seduction for those who come across it. No doubt about it. I’ve never read anything so concise, so fundamentally intuitive and comprehensive, no matter how much you think you know about women and seduction, this will change your life. I have gone out 3 times after reading his book…and 2 of those nights I took home a beautiful woman. Fantastic is all I can say. Truly fantastic!!

  3. Mike

    This has got to be one of the easiest hookups I’ve gotten thanks to 60′s super simple system. After we fooled around, I insisted that she sleep over for the night and We did it again in the morning. Can’t wait to see her again.

  4. James

    Chris, I lost my virginity today by using your method. I now see the world from an absolutely new point of view . This is the most useful thing I’ve ever read…amazing

  5. Art

    I’ve adopted your style very nicely. Met a new girl a few days ago and just got back from spending the night at her place. And I’m also meeting up with another girl tonight. I can see how this can get out of hand fast

  6. Andrew

    I purchased your Automatic Seduction System a few weeks ago. Last weekend I finally went out again and did 4 approaches. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I made out with 2 girls and banged one of them in the toilet at the club. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that! Totally due to your method! Can’t wait to get out there and practice it more!

  7. Rex

    This past weekend I went home with a 22-year old girl. And this weekend I was opened by six very hot new women, one of which was trying to get me drunk so that we could go home together

  8. Terry

    After the speed dating event, I was able to go back to a MILF and maintained that strong eye contact and flirting. She told me my eyes melted her, that they were gorgeous, and that she was all flustered and turned on. So we went out to the back, outside the bar and started making out for about an hour. She later told me the hand hold upon introduction was also really sexy. We were both entirely sober

  9. Francis

    You just changed my life. Before I learned your method pickup was about 80% of my everyday thoughts and I wasn’t even getting women into bed. And now I take women home a lot more and more consistently. You are a GENIUS and I really love you. Thanks for opening my eyes and letting me free myself. Oh, and by the way, girls want more than just one night stands from me. They claim I’m so “mature” and “different” and now they want me just for themselves

  10. Dean

    I’ve been in the whole pickup scene for a number of years, slowly got better even though it felt like a lot of hard work. Towards the end I gave up on routines etc. because it was inhibiting the fun I was having.

    Then I somehow stumbled upon an interview with Chris (60) Everything he said made so much sense, from a personal experience point of view and from what I know about evolutionary biology and psychology.

    I bought Automatic Seduction without hesitation, and I very, very rarely buy pick-up products and loved everything I read. What I enjoy about it is that it’s not only solid information but that it puts me in the right mindset. What I also like about this book is that it’s stripped away all the useless stuff that you don’t need in order to get better. If I could go back in time to my teenage self and I could only give one product or piece of information it would be this book. No question.

  11. Eric

    For guys who have problems with escalation this is pure gold. The material helped me seduce several women and get a lot of kisses. So I went and bought it….Highly recommended!

  12. W.C.

    Automatic Seduction teaches you the simplest and most effective way to get women into bed. Its like playing with guns and then all of sudden you learn how to build an Atom Bomb. This book is that good. It will free your mind and have you obtain love or lust in no time. 10/10

  13. Russell

    Seducing girls has never been easier than this and I think your system is king of them all. You really have changed the game for men who have a hard time approaching women trying to figure out what things to say or do to entertain women and get them attracted to you.

  14. Rivera

    You are a brilliant genius to figure out such a mesmerizing method of seducing women. The other day I had a woman approach me at the vitamin shoppe to ask me if I needed any help finding anything and I applied your method and I was surprised at how much sexual tension I created by just escalating with the seductive vibe making her completely nervous and I knew she was getting so turned on that if I just took her hand, she would be mine.

  15. Jarrod

    I wound up reading everything last night! I was up pretty late lol!

    And honestly Chris, after years and years of reading this type of stuff, after thousands of dollars in boot camps and training and all the bullshit that literally got me nowhere except in a fit of depression… YOUR material has finally made me get it.

    I feel like a veil has been lifted from my eyes. You’ve pin-pointed PRECISELY what I’ve been doing wrong and made it so clear and simple that I feel the confidence surging through me already. You’ve heard the expression, “So simple it’s genius!” and that’s exactly what you’ve done here.

    Thank you thank you thank you! I have a feeling you just changed my life!